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Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Gula Aren Organik dari Tomohon seharga Rp 140 ribu per kilogram

Organic Arenga Palm Sugar 9.5 KG 
Organic Arenga Palm Sugar 9.5KGOur certified Organic Arenga Palm Sugar, from the beautiful forests of Tomohon, Indonesia is a natural low GI sugar, rich in colour with a sweet full bodied taste, nutty notes and caramel overtones. Arenga palm sugar is nature’s healthier alternative to refined sugars or artificial sweeteners with the lowest GI of all natural sugars.
Palm sugar is a traditional ingredient in South East Asian cuisine, which is becoming increasingly popular in all cultures, mainly due to its natural properties and low glycaemic index. Palm sugar can be used as a beverage sweetener and used widely in Asian sweets, desserts, curries and sauces.

This unrefined and unbleached sugar is a superior choice when it comes to natural sweeteners. Compared to refined sugars, Arenga palm sugar has a slower absorption rate in the body, preventing any unhealthy spikes in blood sugar levels and also providing a gradual release of energy. Arenga palm sugar has been glycaemic index tested with a low GI rating of 29; it is the lowest GI natural sugar, making it a fabulous alternative to refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. In addition, palm sugar is naturally rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron and amino acids such as arginine.

Arenga palm sugar is an eco-friendly and fair trade product, produced by the Masarang Foundation, who is known for actively promoting environmental and wildlife conservation (including Orangutan’s), supporting local indigenous people and striving for a zero carbon footprint.
Origin - Indonesia
Certification - Control Union

Source : http://www.goodness.com.au/store/p1473/Organic-Arenga-Palm-Sugar-9.5KG/product_info.html

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