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Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Gula Tebu VS Gula Aren

Gula Tebu VS Gula Aren

By : S.E. Smith, 19 Des 2009
Sumber : http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-palm-sugar.htm

Differences between Palm Sugar and Cane Sugar :

No Cane Sugar Palm Sugar
1 Cane Sugar is Sweet Palm Sugar is sweet and delicious
2 Cane Sugar Provides no mineral salts Palm Sugar Provides mineral salts
3 Cane Sugar has more sugar content Palm Sugar has less sugar content
4 Cane sugar has less/no nutrition value Palm Sugar contains:
a) Thiamine
b) Riboflavin
c) Nicotinic Acid
d) Ascorbic Acid
e) Protein
f) Vitamin C
5 Cane Sugar is less therapeutic value PalmSugar is good to the problems of
a) Asthmatic
b) Anemic
c) Leprosy
d) To accelerate growth of young
6 Cane sugar sometimes create ill
effects on the health
Palm sugar solution proves a
wonderful food in both early stages
and chronic stages of typhoid
7 Cane Sugar creates cough and cold
when consumed in high quantity Palm Sugar is good remedy for cough
and cold

8 Cane Sugar treats no health problem Palm Sugar treats following diseases
a) reduction of BP
b) To decrease pancreas heat
c) To strengthen heart
d) Helps to build up strong teeth
e) Reduces pitta
9 Cane Sugar is treated as sweet water Palm Sugar is treated as honey

Gula kristal dari Tebu (Cane Sugar)

Gula Cetak dari Aren (Palm Sugar)

Disadur dari tulisan S.E. Smith, 19 Des 2009
sumber http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-palm-sugar.htm

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