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Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Alat Pemekatan Nira Aren dengan Teknologi UtraFiltrasi dan Reverse Osmose (UF & RO)

Palm Sap Concentration

Informasi Produsen dan Pencipta Alat : Dr. Ir. Gede Wenten  

from Bandung to reach the world

From Bandung, a Balinese young energetic international accredited membrane expert by achieving the highest rank in the field : "Suttle Award" from the Filtration Society in London , Dr. Ir. Gede Wenten, since 2001 started from the scratch the production of his most applicable invention that effectively used not only for wide range industries application and medical application, but also for the answer of the resources scarcity of primary human living need : clean water.  

"The membrane will be used everywhere, it can be applied in all sectors, including home-appliance and even the street seller of meatballs though", the words for the future of membrane usage given by Dr. Ir. Gede Wenten, who accustomed wears batik  for the reason of comfort and unspoken words reflection of his love in using local product, long time before recent government persuasion to encourage everyone in  wearing batik every Friday.

Informasi Alat :

System Information
 Technology  Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis
 Effect  Filtration and Concentration of Palm Sap up to 35 brix
 Capacity  1000 litre Palm Sap brix 35
 Operation Mode  Semi Automatic
 Working Pressure UF : 1 - 1.5 bar, RO : 55 - 60 bar       

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